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Many books explain advertising theory. Very few give you bona fide tips you can take to your keyboard right now. “Write Right” gives you this insight and empowers you to improve your writing. Dramatically.

A practical approach to effective writing, Write Right hands you actual writing tools you can immediately apply to anything you are writing today. Each tip stands alone and helps you improve your copy. Each tip can change how you approach your work and how you use the power of words to sell, promote and create measurable results.

You’ll discover how prepositions, active voice, action verbs and pre-writing impact copy—and that’s just four tips. Each is powerful. Each relates your writing to advertising’s purpose: create sales and revenue growth. Together, these 26 tips give you the power to be a better writer.

When you want to be a great writer... apply tricks great writers use.
Produce ads, brochures, newsletters and marketing tools that ignite results. These proven tips will help you write results-based communications that generate leads, increase sales, build customer loyalty and produce profits. Each tip can help you:
  • Create promotional material that is more effective
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Convince others to adopt your vision, mission or values

“Write Right” is for the professional copywriter ... and those eager to break into the field. But, you don’t have to be into advertising or public relations to benefit; that’s what makes “Write Right” unique. It helps anyone trying to communicate. Every student, teacher, business owner, professional or volunteer can advance his or her cause with writing that:

  • Establishes your professionalism
  • Helps you achieve the results you want
  • Says what you really meant to say

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